Unreal Engine 4.25 Test Environment scene by JC

2020 Learning Development

Taking a looking back on the game and art education I have received, from the start of 2020.

Throughout these years, the pursuit of education sprouted a new mindset for me. It eventually leads me towards a new road. Giving something I’m familiar with, but never thought possible. A look at turning my hobby with video games, into a career. In being able to join the many wonderful creators inside this industry.
So now. On the new path to becoming a developer and artist has been interesting. Covid hit us during the first semester and it became a scramble. A rush of guidelines and quick preparation by our leaders avoided disaster. So our transition for the most part to studying from home was easier than others.
We had access to zoom and online course materials the lecturers provided us. We could use the tech rooms following strict instructions. And we still managed to get some small feel of a college environment, depending on where you lived. 
While I enjoyed my first year and took it a bit for granted due to its ease of difficulty thanks to my old man status. There were a lot of inconsistencies with the level of course content provided. Most of the resources and material the lecturers provide are usually in offline lectures. It was always going to be a rocky transition.
The lecturer’s I had the pleasure of learning from. They went above and beyond to help assure us through this tough time. While tackling the mountain of a job of trying to educate us to the best of their ability. I hope many of them find a hard-earned reprieve during the summer.
The best thing I took away from my first year of Creative Media Production was the people. I found many colleagues who have the same amount of passion and enthusiasm for making art and games as I did. With seeing students 10 years my junior with that sort of love for games. It would be safe for me to say that the future of gaming is going to be mind-blowing.
Now that I’ve talked about the good ole days. Here’s a quick run-down of the main things we learnt for the relevant game and art papers:
Intro to Computer Animation
We learnt about the history of animation and its contribution to the film and game industry. From there we explored fundamental concepts of animating objects. Creating small animations inside two projects and developing our own animating style. One animation project was rendered in Maya. One created and animated in Adobe Animate.
Visualisation for Media Production
We learnt about developing visual and rendering techniques from different mediums. To abstract ideas and fundamental art drawing concepts. We explored all these by creating scene storyboards. character designs and concepts. We created character art for our project based on the Wizard of Oz and Mad Max. The main medium we used was Photoshop.
Intro to Game Technologies and Mechanics
We learnt about industry-standard software and tools used in the game industry. Explored important history of games and their start in the gaming timeline. We used the Unity engine to learn about game development fundamentals. A puzzle game and top-down shooter were the projects we developed over the course. We learned how to handle C# code and 3D assets along the way.
Intro to 3d Modelling and Texturing
We learnt about the history of modelling and texturing with key concepts explained and delved into current-day terminology and techniques. Industry-standard software and art skills built using workshops focusing on Maya and Substance. Alongside our lecturers’ great depth of knowledge and technical know-how. We created characters or environments for our projects in Maya. 
Working with Scripted Material
We learnt how to create concept pitches for films and games. Film and Game careers delved into different parts of the industry. History and fundamental concepts of films and games became core knowledge. Developing our pitch as a team for our final project was the end goal. I was the director of our film pitch “A Beautiful World”.
I’m looking forward to 2021 and what that may bring for my country. The future of gaming looks amazing. With Unreal Engine 5 on the horizon. I have decided to make it my main engine. Having the ability able to study game development at a university is amazing. It’s something I never thought I would have been able to even achieve growing up.
But now it’s a reality.
Thank you to everyone for making this possible.