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Developer Update #1

A status update of the websites development

and my future


In this first developer update I wish to talk about the current projects in the works for TFAStudios. And what the future holds for me.


I had to take a hiatus from my current studies for Game Programming due to health reasons. And I probably took on too much work. I have been studying two degrees for the past few years. Having completed neither yet, I have to sit back and take a look at what is most important to me at the moment.


While I need to find work in the meantime to financially survive. I would love to be able to work on TFA and TFAStudios full time, to provide resources, education, and entertainment to people around the world. I have not yet received any financial support for any work I have been doing. So I have to weigh up how much I can accomplish within the time I have after I start another job.


I have been dedicating as much time as I can to developing and growing the website and TFAStudios. Getting it ready to come out of the Alpha 0 phase and into a functional release state that is Alpha 1. This will be where the main body of learning material and learning paths are being worked on currently. And where I feel the users and students will benefit the most from the website. So stay tuned for that. In the mean time, here are some other cool things to come that I have been working on.


Awakening (Metahuman Lumen Lighting Series #3)

Planetoid (UE5 Lumen Lighting scene short animation)

– 3 new animations for the Objects Lumen Lighting series

– YouTube personality fantasy animation found in ‘A Challenger Approaches…‘ post

– Potential new animations from the Moving Meditations challenge

Viking Saga released in 4K with post production testing Da Vinci Resolve

– A new Game Design series (Post and YouTube format)

– A new TFA Learning Series (Post and YouTube format)

– A new Unreal Engine Learning Series (Post and YouTube format)

– More content and database releases on TheFreedomAccord

– A development newsletter


And much more to come…


I will continue to do my best to grow, build, and accomplish my mission to to help and entertain you, our communities, and the industries we work in. In the meantime, if you wish to support me and have a sneak peek of some of the work in progress.


Please check out my Patreon.


Thank you.


Justin Clark


TFAStudios & TheFreedomAccord