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TheFreedomAccord update 2020

Greetings everyone and welcome to my first update for TheFreedomAccord


I started this website in mid-November with limited knowledge of web development. Somehow I have managed to scrounge up a semi-functioning website in the time. Which for me, is an achievement. I got the idea to turn this website into a personal blog and informative website where I can talk about game development. On top of that, I intended to use this as a starting block to record my journey at university, starting in February.


The main goal is to bring helpful resources, tools and guides to help others join in the world of making games. Because I’m gonna say it. Games are art. They bring so many wonderful possibilities that the more people we can bring to the field. The potential for new technology and imagination is endless. Everyone has a creative bone somewhere.


I believe all humans should have the right to express their creativity. I wish to help convey their messages to other people. Of things that they may not know, or have not found yet in the giant network of information that is the games industry. This is a short update for now. And I hope to bring longer updates to you in the future with exciting new creative features and a unique platform for everyone to learn on.


Thank you.