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The Course Shop is a content-curated selection of relevant courses and tutorials. It reduces the amount of time spent finding what you need. A central place to find all the courses, guides and tutorials to aid in your development or art.



  • Use this page to find Courses, Degrees, and Tutorials from many websites.
  • You can filter by the drop downs to sort by the many categories that you may choose to learn.
  • As this is a work in progress, please contact me if you find any issues or think something needs to be changed.

Pricing Models:

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Future updates may have the pricing included. The aim is to promote neutrality in giving a platform for all artists and where they respectively choose to provide their content.


Disclaimer: To continue to support the development and maintenance of the website, we use affiliate links that provide a commission if a course is purchased through our link. All courses, tutorials and marketplace items on here are meant to direct you to the websites where the content is located or sold. The aim is to promote the content creators and websites that host their great work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the Learning Paths?

    Learning Paths are curated sequences of content designed to guide you through different aspects of gaming education, such as game design, programming, or the business side of the industry.

  2. How often are the Latest Posts updated?

    We strive to keep our readers informed with fresh insights and news, so the Latest Posts section is updated regularly. Make sure to check back often!

  3. What can I find in the Learning Archive?

    The Learning Archive is a repository of educational content on everything related to gaming, from historical overviews to advanced game development techniques. It caters to both enthusiasts and aspiring professionals.

  4. What content is available on the Learning Channel?

    Our official YouTube channel features a variety of educational videos, tutorials, talks, and interviews. It offers an engaging way to learn about gaming, suitable for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

  5. What courses are available in the Course Shop?

    The Course Shop offers a selection of premium courses taught by industry professionals and expert educators. These courses provide in-depth knowledge on specific areas of game development, design, and more.

  6. How can I contribute to the Learning Archives?

    We appreciate contributions from our community. You can reach out to us via our ‘Contact Us‘ page with your ideas or content, and we’ll guide you through the submission process.

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