Top 5 Unreal Courses beginners should learn

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Update 2022Epic Games has now moved its learning content onto its new platform, so the tutorials in this post are either retired or moved onto that platform. The content in this post is still relevant and a good place to start your learning. The links will be replaced with the same content, though the tutorial may be different.

For those who like achievements and having their progress recorded by the developers. An Unreal badge is like any other great milestone trophy. But the only judge this time is yourself, and the effort you put into taking it in.
If you have decided, you want to start learning the Unreal Engine. You should first complete the Getting Started In Unreal Engine Learning path that Epic Games provides. Their learning path is a great start to understanding the fundamentals of the engine. On top of that, there is a few quality-of-life tips that can make navigating the realm of game development easier for you. I excluded the courses over at as they are a learning path comprised of many courses and deserve their own mention. I encourage people to check them out for their amazing content which has helped me and many other aspiring game developers.
Once you have completed the learning path or started the courses at Try these Unreal courses below that can fill your missing knowledge gaps as you delve deeper:
Plugins are very important for your Unreal projects. They speed up your development time and generally make some things easier to build. You can get free or paid marketplace plugins on the Unreal Engine marketplace as a start. This course provides best practices of creating and compiling plugins in the engine.
This course provides an overview and the fundamental concepts of the Blueprint system. Blueprints are the main visual scripting system used within Unreal Engine. Used to create many different functions and mechanics for your games. You can even build your entire game in blueprints. There are also methods of constructing your game using both blueprints and C++. 
I recommend learning blueprints if your career focus is an artist in Unreal.
One of the most important courses Unreal has for developers. It takes you through the challenge of converting Unreal Blueprints into C++ code. The author takes you through a project that explores methods of blueprint conversion. It is not recommended you do this course if you have no programming experience.
It may not seem an important course to learn first. But when you delve into game design and work on large projects that need good optimization. Being able to convert what you have in blueprints to C++ will seem like a godsend.
The AI in Unreal controls how agents and NPCs in your games function.
One of the most difficult challenges to any game developer is creating an AI that functions well within your environment. And creating AI to be intelligent enough to generate fun for your players is a long tedious process. So this course can help users navigate the complex realm of AI agents inside the engine. Covering aspects of the systems through the use of blueprints. At the end of learning. You have an AI that can begin the groundwork of building up the characters and creatures in your games.
Exploring packs, looking at tools and managing template usages. This course explains workflows used in your Unreal project environments. To building prototypes, working with templates and managing your assets. Game development across teams can be a difficult task if proper policies are not setup. So being able to synergise project work across the team and standardizing assets is a key skill to have.
To finish up this short guide for you Unreal scholars. Some of these important courses will help you learn new key skills and concepts on your learning adventure. From building and improving your project development time. To adding functions and allowing for better work processes. The content from the Epic Games educators can help improve every level of your projects.