About this website and our mission.

The Learning Archives is a central content-curated resource where people can discover, create, and learn.


Our focus is to foster community growth and provide access to education for the game and film industry students. In the hope that we can introduce more people to creating amazing things.


Our values:

  • To promote open education and learning relating to the game and film industries

  • To foster open community engagement and growth

  • To provide and inform users of important topics and relevant content

  • To have fun and create amazing things

Our Goals:
  • To help the video game and film communities grow 

  • To improve online education

  • To develop an online archive for resources
  • To help and inform people on new ways to learn

  • To make learning easy, simple, and concise

How did this project come to life?
  • The need to help others. We believe education and unity of all communities are some of the most important solutions to solving complex global issues.

  • There is a major void missing in the industries when it comes to finding new content and their creators

  • Wishing this website was around when we were studying game development and film

  • Having many years of knowledge of playing games and wished to give back to the gaming community

  • Coming from an education background in network engineering. We see online communication as vital in furthering human progression and prosperity

  • Finding a lack of online and local education for the gaming industry in smaller countries

  • Seeing many content creators and educators who have a hard time reaching a larger audience

Who is the audience?

  • Students
  • Educators
  • Content Creators
  • Businesses
  • Institutions
  • Consumers
  • Service providers
What metrics are we trying to improve?
  • The availability and centralization of learning materials for students

  • The  amount of community engagement inside both industries

  • Increased awareness and access to online learning

What metrics are we trying to improve?

We want to fill this website with important news. Bring games, art and film education to more people around the world. and provide a helpful service to everyone. Having fun is crucial to making all this possible. We must also recognise and work to improve the current systems used to educate individuals. All through the lens of open education and engaging entertainment. If we can foster a little peace and unity along the way. That would be a wonderful bonus.

Thank you.

Justin Clark

Founder of TheLearningArchives