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Ruined Shrine


A shrine inspired environment created inside Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Engine scene created by JC for the Unreal Online Learning Challenge

Void Guardian & Detective Office


Two environments created inside Unreal Engine 4 for a learning challenge.

Dwarf Throne and AncientStructure by JC for University projects
Unreal Engine 4.25 Test Environment scene by JC

Student Development Year 1


A look at my first year of games development and game art art that I have created while studying

The Void - Backup

The Void


A space opera themed cinematic for an ArtStation challenge.



A space themed animated short about a ship on a journey.

StarShip 2.0 Under Development.



The world is the domain of dragons. Shrouded in mist and darkness, only at the edge of the world does one see the light.

Centuries have passed since the Dwarves have stepped foot from outside their deep mountains. For now, a new age has arisen. One that will seek to challenge the gods of the skies for dominion once more.



Warhammer 40k

The Necrons have awoken from their long slumber. Immortal, unflinching and legion. They once again rise up and take to the stars to reclaim their forgotten empire. Overrun by defilers of many factions. The Necrons will not stop until all of the galaxy is in flames, and total dominion is achieved once more.



A short dragon inspired animated environment.

Viking Saga


A young dragon prince arrives home, only to find his kingdom has been attacked by Vikings. As the young prince reaches the throne room, he finds the enemy holding his father’s weapon.

Metahuman Lumen Lighting Series


A three part series based around the new Unreal Engine 5 Lumen Lighting System.



This is Thunderfall. My submission for the Moving Meditations challenge, where 3500 artists submitted their work.

This challenge was created by the awesome dude known as Pwnisher on YouTube. The project is inspired by fantasy stories of battles between orcs and dwarfs. The human spell caster summons a giant lightning hammer to strike down the dwarf’s enemies.